2023 has already shown is some really promising new Tech inventions, from cars like the Sony and Honda AFEELA to some really great gadgets, but listed below are some of the weirdest and mind blowing one’s we have seen so far.

1. self-driving stroller

Ella self-driving stroller

The digital firm Glüxkind may have just made parenting a whole lot simpler. A hands-free motorized stroller with built-in sensors that can detect approaching objects to guarantee the baby’s safety, the Ella self-driving stroller can drive itself without a kid in a car seat, allowing parents to carry their infant if they prefer to do so.

Additionally, the Ella self driving stroller also includes built-in sounds and flashing lights that can warn parents when a risk might be present. I believe many new parents will desire to take control of the situation.

2. Yukai Engineering’s breathing pillow

Breathing pillow

This amazing cushion was created by the Japanese robotics company Yukai Engineering, and get this!, when you hold it, it feels like it is breathing. It accomplishes this by gradually and gently expanding and contracting while you hold it, which aids in training your body to do the same.

It is intended to aid folks who are anxious or under a lot of stress in becoming calm and at ease when necessary. In the coming year, I have no doubt that this invention will be incredibly well-liked by people everywhere.

3. Withings Urine Detector


I know what going through your mind is, why would I want to examine my urine at home. Well, there are a lot of health-related hints in your pee. Thus, the U-SCAN enters the picture. It’s the first automatic urine analyzer that you can use at home.

It cleanly fits inside your toilet and can reveal vital health data about your urine every day. A heat sensor detects the presence of urine, which triggers the activation of a pump that transports the urine to a test pod. To gather all the necessary health information, a chemical reaction inside the test pod is read.

The Withings app will then provide your results. This is one of the coolest new tech inventions because people will be able to take a more proactive approach to their health as a result.

4. OVR Technology’s ION

OVR Technology’s ION

Well by now we all know what the metaverse is, a type of non-physical environment that users interact using VR headsets.

Although these VR headsets are not brand-new, OVR Technology has raised the bar by developing a brand-new pair that emits fragrances while you are in the metaverse, enhancing your virtual reality experience.

Your digital experiences may be more realistic, emotional, and effective than ever with OVR’s revolutionary wearable smell technology, ION. By connecting scent to what a person will perceive in the virtual reality environment, such as producing the smell of a flower visible on the ground, it is intended to mimic the human sense of smell. It’s a brand new tech invention that is crazily cool.

5. Bird buddy

Bird buddy

The newest bird feeder around and on your block might be this one. It’s got a camera that can record images and videos of more than 350 distinct hummingbird species included.
like the other new tech inventions this one’s pretty easy to explain, basically works like so.

When a bird approaches, a motion sensor on the device will cause the camera to start taking photographs; it can even record wing speeds of up to 60 mph. Once the photo has been shot, the Bird Buddy app on the smartphone attached to the feeder will automatically send it to the device.

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