ARM have preparing a new processor secretly, let me tell you why ?

As we know ARM is never product a semiconductor.

Even it’s big tech society, ARM doesn’t want competed SAMSUNG and TSMC, but they have another ideas.

An ultra-powerful semiconductor

this brilian news wich ” FINANCIAL TIME ” has just revealed to us, ARM a subsidiary of the SOFTBANK group, has been working for nearly six months on a semiconductor, A project carried by the former collaborator of Qualcomm, at the origin of Snapdragon, Kevork Kechichian. the laste is a new “engineering solution ” team, formed for the mission.

And according to various sources in the industry, which the American media said, the semiconductor in question would be more advanced than anything that can currently exist. No further details were given on the supposed wonders of this chip.

do you think that ARM succeeded in this new project ?

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