The prototype of a car that changes color and shows digital features including projecting driving data across the interior of the windshield was unveiled by BMW at the CES in Las Vegas in 2023. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the actor who played the “Terminator,” and the former governor of California was present at the occasion where this car, the BMW I Vision Dee, was unveiled.

BMW I Vision Dee is now just a vision for now, but it is intended to influence the styling of the luxury automaker’s upcoming models. For instance, it will be possible as of 2025 to have driving information, such as speed or direction, flash on the windshield.

The I Vision Dee concept foreshadows the future of technology for BMW, from color-changing body panels which can display up to 32 colors, to an interior where the entire windshield serves as a display.

BMW debuted a vehicle that could change color, but only from white to black and gray, at the same event the previous year. Luckily, the new car body colour can be changed in a wide range of hues, including solid colors, stripes, and checks.

Dee, which stands for Digital Emotional Experience, was created to strengthen the relationship that people have with their cars. By fundamentally altering how we understand how digital functioning.

Schwarzenegger made a joke of the prototype that was loaded with cutting-edge equipment. “Since the machine was the antagonist in the majority of my films, I was a little worried. They are now your allies “he said.

With technology that “mixes real and virtual worlds,” BMW has also suggested the idea of displaying augmented reality graphics on the windshield and turning it into a full-fledged screen.

The driver may control how much digital content appears on the HUD using shy-tech sensors. This includes everything from regular driving instructions to projections of augmented reality. Using only dimmable glass and digital capabilities, the I Vision Dee can, believe it or not, convert itself into a VR experience.

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