The debut of ION 3 VR headsets that create scents, the company’s first-ever wearable scent technology product for consumers, was announced at CES 2023 by OVR Technology, a developer of digital smell technology.

OVR’s new next-generation wearable VR headsets will include scent emergence tools that will enable all users, professional and amateur, to create and share multi-sensory experiences. Previously, these tools were only available to enterprise customers.

In order to improve immersion and produce more emotionally compelling, amusing, and useful digital experiences, ION 3 is the first wearable smell technology that is personally tailored for virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), mobile, and desktop environments.

The ION is a cartridge-based gadget that lets users explore the virtual world with multi-sensory experiences. It connects wirelessly via bluetooth to a smartphone, PC, or VR/AR headset. The company’s ION Scentware cartridge creates thousands of distinctive, digitally native odors to elicit various moods and emotions by blending primary aromas in various combinations.


The ION 3 toolkit from OVR Technology includes:

  • A scent-wearable technology that enables users to engage with multisensory material through mobile, desktop, augmented reality, and virtual reality

  • A mobile app development studio and community created in collaboration with top cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Rachel Herz
  • A universal scentware cartridge that can create thousands of different smell combinations that are intended exclusively for use in digital experiences. OVR’s proprietary microtechnology provides low latency, high resolution sensory experiences.

According to CEO and co-founder Aaron Wisniewski, “Until now, no one has been able to successfully access that power to enrich our digital experiences, but OVR has successfully created VR headsets that create scents and now we can get the full digital experiences.

OVR Technology stated that it already collaborates with a number of partners to create memorable experiences in brand/marketing, entertainment, social integration, wellness, and entertainment.

The business stated that it was eager to explore what kinds of content makers could do with its new fragrance technology. With the launch of ION 3, anyone who creates content can now interact with ION 3 via Bluetooth technology, enabling anyone to add scent to their material.

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