The Afeela was unveiled by Sony and Honda at their CES 2023 presentation, it’s just been over a year after the two firms announced their intentions to jointly produce and market electric automobiles.

On stage at CES on Wednesday, the four-door vehicle was displayed as Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida outlined the company’s mobility strategy, which prioritizes developing cars with autonomous features and the ability to be converted into “moving entertainment spaces.”


Yoshida predicts that the first preorders for the Afeelas will occur in the first half of 2025, and sales will begin the following year. Customers in North America will receive the first shipments in the spring of 2026.

According to prior remarks from Sony and Honda, the new EV will first be produced at Honda’s North American factory and will feature Level 3 automated driving capabilities under specific restrictions.

We want to look into the possibility of how media could provide a fun and exciting mobility experience, says Yoshida.

The prototype, according to Yoshida, has 45 cameras and sensors both inside and outside the vehicle to ensure security. The in-cabin sensors will monitor the driver’s state to prevent accidents.

Yoshida claims that Afeela would also provide its users with top-notch entertainment. The Sony-Honda EV will use the Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3D computer graphics game engine into its vehicles t o help imagine not only entertainment but also communication and security in automobiles.

In addition to movies, games, and music, Yoshida said, “We anticipate a new in-cabin experience exploiting our understanding of UX and the UI technology.

The most natural way to depict important data inside the car, according to Kim Libreri, chief technology officer of Epic Games, is through intuitive interactive photo real augmentation, which Unreal Engine excels at.

Over time, the car will transform into a cutting-edge hub for social interaction. not only for the residents but also for their network of friends and colleagues. Onstage at CES, Libreri made the prediction that it would merge with the rest of our digital lives.

The Afeela vehicles will be constructed around Qualcomm’s system-on-a-chip technology, with the Snapdragon digital chassis.

This will make it possible to handle all the compute required for automated driving and advanced driver assistance system capabilities, vehicle telematics, and what we anticipate to be a high class infotainment system.

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