The iPhone 15 will have a beautifull design, a tipster leaks

The new iPhone 15 release date is still far from us but the rumors started taking a place over social media, ShrimpApplePro an anonymous twitter user claims that he knows a countable visible discriptions abiut the new iPhone pointing that he have “the final result for the diplay design of the iPhone 15 series”.

the leaker has announced that the IPhone 15 will have a curved edge screen and that the iphone will be more android-like with a 10g weight with a 5000 mAh battery , it has been said that it will come with a thinner bezels than it’s previous peers , also he claims the edges will be like the apple watch edges where  Apple uses the subtle curves to make it look like it is dripping over the frontiers.

the shrimp’s leakes was primarly around the  iIphone 15’s screen and designs describing it with “ beatifull design “, they claims that the screen will be the same as the iphone 14’s, that’s mean that we’ll expect a 6.7  and 6.1 inch screens.

the case that the new release will be android like will makes some concerns in the iPhone-fans hub, it will be expected to see  a big backlash from the iphone fans.

The whispers says that they used a Ceramic Shield glass, and they add that there source sees no difference in front face camera hole on the iPhone 15 models and thinks that it will be no upgrade in this point*.  

the leaker has been known with his high accuracy in their reveals and he was the first one who talks about the philshaped cut-out in ni phone Pro models .SHrimpapplepro expect that the new iPhone 15 will come with a strong volume and power buttons.

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